Your Needs   Our Focus

Mission, Vison and Value

Our Mission is to help businesses by delivering professional and innovative financial solutions.

At Shanggu, we are committed to achieve the best results for our clients step by step:

1st step: Listen to what clients said
2nd step: Feel what the client felt
3rd step: Understand clients' needs with empathy
4th step: Focus on clients' needs & problems
5th step: To decide a tailor-made solution for the customer

Our Vision is to be a global investment banking platform.

To do this, we have established a culture that supports our employees, so they can provide exceptional service to our clients.
We pay attention to professional training and development. With the investment of time and finances in appropriate training, our team members continue to develop their
financial and technical skills. Their solid experience in corporate finance has contributed to the success of the company.

Our Values are displayed in our work.

We act in the best interest of our clients. Client confidentiality is observed at all times. We strive to protect and promote the integrity of the market. The common values we share at Shanggu:
- Honesty
- Integrity
- Competence
- Self-discipline
- Trust
- Respect