Your Needs   Our Focus


IPO is a time-consuming and complicated process and it would require a strong commitment and plenty of resources to complete the task. We would provide the necessary resources and required expertise to ensure the following tasks are being handled in a proper manner:


If all the restructuring works are completed in advance, we would help to appoint key professional parties including auditors, lawyers, sponsor and underwriters…etc.


Our licensed IPO Sponsor Principals in Hong Kong have unparalleled expertise to supervise and provide guidance for IPO exercises.


With our extensive experience, we would help:
♦ To fine-tune the equity/investment story
♦ To pick the right market opportunity to launch the offering
♦ To help build the best syndicate structure;
♦ To achieve the optimal shareholder valuation
♦ To select the best investors mix

After-market Support

Our team would continue providing after-market services to help supporting the share price including:
♦ To set up investors meeting
♦ To arrange meeting with other banks’ analysts
♦ To fine tune investor relations strategies