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Financial Advisory

Going public is not the beginning of our commitment to our clients. We would go searching for corporates with strong growth prospect. Once we identify our new partners, we would extend our unreserved commitment to them with an aim to develop a long-term relationship with each and every one of them. Our financial advisory services include the following three areas:

Plan for Restructuring

Restructuring and diversification of shareholding to attract potential institutional capital.

Identify and Secure Business Development Opportunities

To help fine-tuning the business model and investment story by leveraging our networks to help our clients:
♦ To strengthen their supply chain management
♦ To identify new market opportunities
♦ To help exploring and conducting additional fund-raising opportunity

Identify Strategic Partnership/ M&A Opportunities

We play an active role in finding and exploring further M&A and strategic partnership opportunities, including but not limited to source new capital, strategic partners and co-investors.